5 Reasons I Chose Selenium over PhantomJS

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Selenium vs PhantomJS, CasperJS, or ZombieJS do almost the same thing, automate browsers, but why should you use one over the other? It turns out that there are some use cases when using Selenium might give you advantages over a headless toolkit.

I’m not saying that I always use Selenium. I prefer to use PhantomJS because it would have less overhead and performs better. However, because of specific edge cases I needed to use a real browser where the headless toolkit just didn’t cut it.

(This is a follow up post to Running Headless Selenium with Chrome.)

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Running Headless Selenium with Chrome

Scaling website automation for either testing or scraping can be a challenge when the site is enitrely driven by JavaScript or behaves differently when using specific browsers.

Running a headless Selenium machine with Google’s Chrome installed provides a scalable way to automate your tests on one of the most popular browsers in use.

Here are step by step instructions for installing a headless Selenium server with Chrome and Vagrant.

Selenium with Chrome

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