Leave school? Join a startup? Wait.

So you’re in college now. You’re bored and frustrated. Everyone else is pass you like you’re in the slow lane. People are having fun, making loads money, and your dumb ass is stuck in school. Fuck that, right?

Don’t leave school to join a startup. Pivot.

You’re probably a smart guy. I have a different argument to make. It’s not the same academic, “Oh you’re going to need Calc 8 in the real world.” I argue that you will eventually face an external force we call “the economic cycle.”  The cycle takes about 20 years to complete which is too slow to notice it until it’s pointed out.

The best way to beat that cycle is to pivot. Don’t throw away the investment you already made in school. Just pivot! Change majors and challenge yourself. Get yourself some transferable skills now that would otherwise be hard to get later.

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